What is the best credit card for me?

Time to apply for a card! But here comes that question: what is the best credit card for me? Indeed, the question is very valid as it is possible to make several different credit cards, models, benefits and fees. How to choose?

First of all before applying for the card, think about what you expect from it. Day to day shopping, international, online or even earn miles to exchange for airline tickets. Important too, is to pay attention to the flag of the card you intend to choose. If you do not know what the flag is, look here.


Starting for the benefit

Starting for the benefit

Credit card without annuity

Don’t want to spend too much to have a card? How about for example a credit card with no annual fee? Not paying annuity, you have no additional expenses and only pay the value of your purchases. Meet and request yours here!


Credit Card with Miles

Credit Card with Miles

Now, if you’re one of those who love to travel and expect your card to help, Smilies is a program where you buy on your card and get miles back for area tickets. With some cards of this line, you also have airport privileges, such as exclusive rooms. See more about this card and enjoy ordering.


College Credit Card

College Credit Card

University? It also has card for you! Various styles and even without annuity. With this card you can pay your small bills and make your financial life easier, because we know it is not easy. If you need to use your limit well, it can be increased gradually. Come meet!


International credit card

Do you intend to shop internationally? See this list of the best cards. The international credit card gives you that hand to buy for both travel and foreign sites.


High Income Credit Card

High Income Credit Card

Do not want to worry about shopping, limit and still have many advantages? High-income cards can give you incredible freedom and comfort whenever you need it. Concierge access, airport benefits and insurance such as travel and purchase protection. Check out the cards and see how to apply.


Need a card you approve on time?

There are some cards that have immediate approval. So when you apply, you already know if it was approved or not. want to meet? Click here and stay on top.


Choosing the flag

credit loan

Choosing the flag is very important. She is the one who will tell you if your card can be accepted at merchants. In addition to offering a free benefits program, such as Vai de Visa and Surprise. Look for one with good acceptance, like these:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Link
  • American Express

Enjoy and know the benefits of each by clicking above.

These are some of the cards, but there are many others. Stay tuned for our tips and see which one fits you best. And stay tuned, before choosing your credit card, know the rates, interest, if any mishap occurs and the limit that this card usually has.

Don’t forget to always use the card with awareness, it can be a great ally, but if used without wisdom, can bring scratches to your pocket.