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One of the first goals of those who enter the job market is to conquer their own car. It is also common that, over time, the driver changes it for a newer model, because the vehicle needs more maintenance and is losing value.

Whether for purchase or exchange, the vast majority of Brazilians use financing. That’s why we brought you more information on vehicle financing at Loan and Credit today. Read, compare and make your choice.

About Loan and Credit

About Loan and Credit

Loan and Credit, one of the state-owned banks in the country, is a mixed economy financial institution.

Distributed throughout Brazil and the largest bank in Latin America, Loan and Credit offers vehicle credit to its customers through different modalities. Get to know them better later.

Vehicle financing at Loan and Credit

This bank finances new or used vehicles, domestic or imported, with the advantage of covering 100% of the value. Thus, the customer can negotiate a more attractive cash value at the time of purchase. The financed amount is credited directly to the seller’s account.

The loan can be repaid within 60 months, with the advantage of being able to pay the first installment after 180 days. It is also possible to choose one or two months of the year in which the parcel will not be debited, that is, it will be computed in the future.

The convenience of simulation and contracting of vehicle financing at Loan and Credit is offered through the application made available to the bank’s customers, both for Android and iOS. You can also call the call center or contact an agency.

It is possible to contract vehicle financing at Loan and Credit through the application.

To contract this financing, you must be a Loan and Credit account holder, an individual and have a credit limit available. The installments are debited directly from the checking account.

Exchange with change


Another type of vehicle financing at Loan and Credit is exchange with change. With it, it is possible to change vehicles before the end of financing. For this, the financing is updated, and the extra amount is available for the purchase of the new vehicle.

The criteria are: be up to date with payments and have paid at least 5 installments. To request this service, you must go to a Loan and Credit branch. The account holder is subject to credit analysis.

One difference is that the extra money obtained through this mode does not necessarily have to be spent on another vehicle: it can be used as the customer wants.

Vehicle financing renewal at Loan and Credit

Another feature offered by Loan and Credit is the renewal of financing. If necessary, it is possible to readjust the amount of the installment to fit the budget, obviously changing the deadline for discharge. The bank offers as a convenience 59 days to start paying the first installment after renewal.

To hire this service, you need to go through credit analysis and have paid at least the first 5 installments. You can readjust the installment amount to fit the budget.